Greg has been my son’s weekly art instructor for twelve years, since he was six years old. My son is now headed to college to major in digital animation after receiving almost a half million dollars in scholarship offers from five schools. Our investment in private art instruction for our son not only paid off in terms of his school and career readiness, but also brought a wonderful person and artistic mentor into my son’s world. Greg has been part of the village that has helped us raise our son and we are forever grateful for his positive, creative influence throughout our child’s life. I cannot recommend Greg Storer Art highly enough.  Amy Godsey Alexander

From: Expertise.com

Greg Storer Art is a Mason fine art gallery and learning center that offers fun and engaging art classes for children and adults. The company's owner and instructor is a renowned artist whose work has appeared in galleries and exhibitions around the globe, giving customers a chance to work with a seasoned professional. Every class is designed to teach students of all ages the fundamentals of drawing, painting, and multimedia creativity, and include all the supplies students need to explore and enhance their natural artistic abilities in a friendly and non-judgmental environment. Customers can sign up for single classes or enroll in a 12-week course that covers basic tools, techniques, and art history and gives students a chance to learn new skills with carefully designed lessons about topics like cartooning, shading, perspective, and composition.

“Greg, you have a gift for teaching art..........It’s always good to hang with someone who gets it. You’re the schizzle. See you Thursday.” Sam W.

Hi Greg!  I don’t know if you remember me or not but I was a student of yours last year and over the summer. I’ve been meaning to reach out to you, I just finished my first semester at DAAP, it was so stressful but I survived. I wanted to thank you for everything you taught me, it really put me ahead of the other students especially when learning color theory and even art history.  Best,  Jenna Cooper

Hi Mr.Storer,

Gayatri won a "Silver Key" in the scholastic art and writing competition for her drawing,"Olive". You had signed the form for her submission and given her the feedback for her art sometime ago.
Its an excellent achievement for an eighth grader and Gayatri is very proud of it. She is inspired to work more and submit more pieces next year.
Thank you for all your efforts and encouragement at art class.She LOVES coming to your studio! Couldn't have done it without you!


Painting at your studio has meant SO much to me.  Things you learn and/or enjoy at Greg's House 'o Paint in random order:  TECHNIQUE!, great conversation, music, good coffee, Breaking Bad discussions, bullfrogs, FEARLESSNESS!  The conversations and exposure to so much in the art world, and the safety net you somehow hang in the studio have given me the freedom to explore.  It doesn't get any better than that.  I used to squeeze the fun out of painting and you showed me how pointless that is.  So I salute you, my painting friend.  You provide something people treasure, perhaps maybe more than you realize.  Deb

Greg is the art teacher of my daughters. He emphasizes basic technics while encouraging creativity. I'm glad my daughters has such a good teacher.  Joann

Profession Artist Pat Olding interview in Aeqai magazine. 

Greg Storer started showing her work, from 2003 to 2008, and she was in his classes once a week. “My paintings reflect the skills he taught me. What I look for first is the direct result of what I learned from him. He says he gave me the ‘tool box, not a method.’” She still goes back for occasional refreshers.

Greg Storer is a gifted art teacher, a passionate artist and a good person, that's why we (the students) enjoy his classes and we also see & enjoy art in a different way, and we realize we have skills we never knew we had. Which is very,very cool!  John C.

Greg is a wonderful teacher! My daughter Samantha is so lucky to have him as her guide for her love of art!! Thank you Greg!  Sharon 

For someone who had never painted or drawn, I believe if Greg can teach me to paint he can teach anyone to paint! Not only is he a master at what he does he is able to convey to the student in terms and examples that are easy to follow. Not every great artist is a great teacher but Greg has that quality. The atmosphere in his studio is friendly, happy, and calm. If you are looking for art classes then Greg Storer Art is the place to come.
S. Samuel

Hi Greg,  I just wanted to take a minute to thank you. "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."(Buddhist proverb) This was written in a blog I get weekly. When I read it this morning, you literally 'appeared' into my mind. When I called you one April morning, three years ago, to inquire about your classes, I was in a deep search for who I was and what I wanted for the rest of my life. You actually jump-started my love for painting which has taken me into to a wonderful place. Since your class, I have had instruction and workshops with pastel artists, joined a few organizations, been accepted into several shows and actually won an award. I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge your weekly interaction in helping me get to a better place.  I hope all is going well with you and your new studio....Sounds like a wonderful space!  Wishing you the best! Hannah

Greg's art classes have been fantastic.  He has encouraged and advised me over the years and my art has grown as a result.  I enjoy working in the relaxed atmosphere of the studio and I couldn't ask for a better or more experienced teacher.  Kathleen O.

Whether you are a beginner or are an experienced artist, I would definitely recommend going to Greg Storer Art! I started back into painting about 3 years ago after being away from it for many years. It was the perfect place to go!  I feel that I am always learning something new, either in Greg's one on one time with me during the 3 hour class, or by listening to him with other students. Even with painting experience, Greg has taught me things about art that I hadn't learned from past teachers. You work at your own pace, in a bright studio, and Greg is always there to answer questions and work with you at your level. Donna V